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“Toddlers become more involved in doing things for themselves; they have a very strong drive to repeat actions, move things from one place to another, they cover things up, put things into containers, move in circles and throw things. These actions can be observed frequently through their play. This learning through these repeated actions and engagement can be described as a form of schematic play. The toddler still enjoys familiar routines and experiences. Having these routines gives them the confidence to explore further and take risks. They are still dependent on having a familiar person nearby who gives them support, encouragement and care.”  (Realising the Ambition: Being me, Scottish Government, 2020)

Our adventurers room will be a busy space, where young children are gaining more independence and begin exploring and testing out new theories through their play.  In this space we will offer more opportunities for children to learn through many areas such role play, messy play and through the outdoor environment.  Children can freely explore forms of schematic play with adults close by to provide support and guidance when needed.  The role of the key worker continues to be important at this stage and they will work closely with you to make sure they are getting the most out of their nursery experience.  They will also support you and your child to make the transition to their thee year old nursery provision in your catchment area setting.