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“Babies thrive when they experience relationships which are warm, secure, consistent, loving and responsive. Learning while being carefully nurtured suggests an emotional response and commitment to the child. Babies are eager and keen to make sense of their world around them. They have an innate power or drive to develop and revise their thinking processes.” (Realising the Ambition: Being me, Scottish Government, 2020)

In our Explorers room, babies from 6 months will be given the opportunity to learn and explore in a well-resourced environment, with nurturing adults who are tuned in to their individual needs.  The practitioners working with our youngest children will work particularly closely with the child’s family to ensure consistency of care.  We aim to create a relaxed and homely environment where children explore at their own pace.  The environment will be resourced to ensure children have comfortable spaces to sleep, rest and eat, as well as spaces where they can play and explore, both inside and outdoors.  Your family will have a key worker who can build a bond with your child to support them to settle into a new environment.